Your name is tatooed on every boy’s skin

You say that you’re stuck in a pale blue dream
And your tears feel hot on my bedsheets
Drape your arms around me and softly say
Can we dance upon the tables again?

You’re the train that crashed my heart
You’re the glitter in the dark
Ooh Laura, you’re more than a superstar

You’ll be famous for longer than them
Your name is tattooed on every boy’s skin
Ooh Laura, you’re more than a superstar

Such a deep and touching voice!!!

just this quote of this magnific song ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Enjoy and have a lovely day



if i ever lose my faith

Hi all!

Hope everybody’s ok after the lockdown (or durint it since some countries have decided to relock some towns…), here everything’s all right. i’m currently enjoying a sleepless night (it’s 2AM there), so i was browsing youtube. Truely not the best idea if you wannna fall asleep but nevermind… or osef as we said in french!

While listening to some tunes, i found this gem from pomplamoose. I thought have told you about this band previously but it’s seems not, i havent found one post about it tonite.

Well, en résumé, i like this band, not everything, but lots of things they do. They are always giving the song they perform a real inspiration and authenticity, either it’s a cover or not. Furthermore, i like the voice of the singer very much. And they did some great mashup that i encourage you to have a look at.

At last, i’m putting the clip of the cover of a Sting song “if i ever lose my faith in you” they performed recently. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

Dont forget to shout something in the comment, i don’t know whether anybodiy still reading the posts i put here. I will greatly appreciate to have some feedbacks!


Where the edge appears

Song of the day

Enjoy 😘

Just another manic Sunday…

Hello buddies,

How do you feel this morning? Knowing that some people here are reading this post from the other side of the Atlantic, the question could be : how do you feel? Simply. But nevertheless it’s Sunday here in France. I’m sitting on my sofa with my daughter watching Barbie on the beach movie, thinking what we’re gonna do today.

And, I thought about the Bangles. This old girl band from the eighties is one of my favourite girl band (if you exclude hole). Yes, it’s really dated. Yes, it really sounds from the eighties. But yes, it is still some great songs. My favourite must be “walk like an Egyptian”. But today I share with you manic Monday.

I do love this song, don’t ask why, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s just the voice of the singer, maybe it’s the melody, maybe… I don’t know.

Hope you will enjoy starting your Sunday listening to the Bangles before having a manic Monday 😊


Killer bee’s

Just a quick video from the Wu Tang today. I’ve been listening to lots of hip-hop these days, and the Wu Tang Clan still represents the good old time of 90s 00s rap.

Hope you liked this movie (it’s surely more a short movie than a traditional music video)

See ya modafuckaz

La rue de la fascination

Hi there!

it’s been a long time since I’ve posted in Godzika. Tonight, I can not sleep, so as always in these kind of moments I’m listening to music. Yesterday I fall back on this great band The Cure . I’ve always been a huge fan of them, since I was a teenager, a long time ago nevertheless. Well, I was asking myself what to listen to and it seems obvious that I should listen to Robert Smith. One of the band album I’ve most listened is Disintegration . So I put my headphones on, put the volume higher to hide all the noisy sounds around me, and let the journey begin. What an album, what songs, what voice …


Hope you will enjoy as much as I do!

So just pull on your hair
Just pull on your pout
And let's move to the beat
Like we know that it's over

Happy 25th to …

… not me unfortunately!

But To the first album of rage against the machine. One of the best opus ever done. To celebrate, enjoy this live performance from 1993 😎

merci Jack L.

Ola todos!

Ce soir, c’est la fête de la musique! Vous savez c’est le soir où on peut entendre de mauvais ou moins mauvais groupes reprendre vos titres préférés. Des fois même, les plus aventuriers reprendront leurs propres morceaux. Mais pour autant ce n’est pas sur que vous les reconnaissiez… Bref, pour la fête de la musique c’est vraiment la fête. Mais je suis négatif, moi même je l’ai faite cette fête de la musique, et c’est le pied en tant que musicien! On se retrouve à jouer un peu n’importe où. devant un bar comme devant un tabac, voir même devant un kebab. Mais dans le dernier cas, vous aurez à apporter vos propres bières, parce que sinon vous risquez de tourner au sprite toute la nuit 🙂 Dans tous les cas, c’est une communion avec les gens. C’est le bordel. Y’en a partout. Si on n’a pas de sono, c’est à celui dont le batteur tapera le plus, et à ceux dont les amplis sont les plus puissants.

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