Just another manic Sunday…

Hello buddies,

How do you feel this morning? Knowing that some people here are reading this post from the other side of the Atlantic, the question could be : how do you feel? Simply. But nevertheless it’s Sunday here in France. I’m sitting on my sofa with my daughter watching Barbie on the beach movie, thinking what we’re gonna do today.

And, I thought about the Bangles. This old girl band from the eighties is one of my favourite girl band (if you exclude hole). Yes, it’s really dated. Yes, it really sounds from the eighties. But yes, it is still some great songs. My favourite must be “walk like an Egyptian”. But today I share with you manic Monday.

I do love this song, don’t ask why, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s just the voice of the singer, maybe it’s the melody, maybe… I don’t know.

Hope you will enjoy starting your Sunday listening to the Bangles before having a manic Monday 😊


Prenez la nuit! ©


Ce midi, c’est police au menu. Mais pas n’importe quel police, The Police, Le groupe des années 80, que tout le monde se doit de connaitre… Je vous mets ici un petit live de 79 avec une super combi de Sting, un joli sweat/jogging du gratteux, et le magnifique tee shirt Mickey de Stewart Copeland! Ceci étant dit, fringues mis à part, ils envoient du lourd les anglais.

For this lunchtime, it’s police on the menu. But not the calssical police, The Police, The band from the 80s, whose everyone must known. I put in the followaing post a live from 79 with a great suit from Sting, a nice sweat/Jogging from the guitarist, and a magnifique Mickey Mouse’s tee shirt from Stewart Copeland!  Well, Besides the clothes, they were doing the job seriously the british guys.



Enjoy Folks!