Hello music lovers,

You’re a music lover ain’t you? If no, why the hell are you reading this?

Well, let’s start this post with a more traditional way. How you guys doing it?

Today, I wanted to share with you a video of Marcus Miller.

Some jazzy Arabic song, a must listen, even if you’re not playing bass.


Where the edge appears

Song of the day

Enjoy 😘


Hello buddies,

How do you do today? Personally, quite well. I watched the dancing show of my daughter yesterday, which was amusing. Looking to girls (and one boy!) of 6-8 years old dancing on despacito and on a song of Bruno Mars was quite funny. Some of them were very good!

But it’s not the subject. It’s festival time this summer. I’m not gonna go to any this year (poor me) but fortunately there is a bit of them that are available on videos platforms. I saw some cool stuff on them. Liam Gallagher doing a song of Oasis while standing still as usual was good. And if you don’t know any song of the French band UltraVomit, I’m recommending you to watch the video here at Hellfest 2019. This French band is doing “funny metal”. Nevertheless they are incredibly really good musicians 😎

By the way, if you come to France and you want to see metal concerts I strongly encourage you to go to the Hellfest !

But it’s not the point. Recently, I used to watch what was happening at Glastonbury (so now you understand my title!). I saw really great things. Such as The Cure who are still one of my favorite band… I will talk about them in a future post. At last, I just found this live performance of the Foals. These guys are great. I love the voice of the singer, and really appreciate the energy they’re able to put on their songs. This energy is audible even on their records. Well in one word I like them. Make me know if you agree with me!


Rendez nous la lumière, Dominique

Ola companeros !

Ce dimanche, on va se faire une retro/concert. Le 16 mai dernier, avec ma petite femme, nous sommes allés voir le grand Dominique A en concert. Si je compte bien, ça doit être la 3e fois pour moi. Cest toujours un plaisir.

This sunday, we’re gonna go for a retro/ gig. On the may 16th, we’ve seen Dominique A live. it’s been the 3rd time for me. it’s always a great moment.

Pour sa tournée actuelle, Dominique A a opté pour une formule électrique et plutôt pêchue. Avec la sortie d’un album du même acabit. Ce avant un autre album et tournée plus intimiste, où il devrait être en acoustique (seul?).

For this actual tour, the French singer/composer chose an electric and punchy formula. With the current plus in the same mood. this is notable because it Will be followed by an acoustic tour (maybe on his own!)

Le moins que l’on puisse dire pour ce concert, c’est que comme lors de la précédente tournée, en plus d’être électrique, le son est fort. Mais vraiment fort, puissant. Vu qu’on était à la belle électrique, et que les ingénieurs du son sont bons (c’est devenu suffisament rare dans les salles françaises que je me permets de le noter!) Ce n’était pas dérangeant. Le public était bien présent même si on avait de la place dans la fosse. Ce qui est étonnant de prime abord, lorsque l’on connaît la musique du personnage c’est qu’il est plutôt à l’aise et blagueur ! Ceci ajouté qu’avec l’énergie du groupe, le public bougeait bien, nous aussi de fait.

the less we can say is as his lasts gigs furthermore being a very electrical show, the sound was very loud. But truely really loud. As we were at la belle électrique the sound was good. What was surprising too when you know the songs of this guy, is that he was such happy and making jokes ! This added with the band energy, the crowd was moving well, and so do us.

En résumé, c’était un bon concert, avec de bon zicos. J’ai particulièrement aimé les 2 batteurs, qui alternent entre leurs batteries et un set de pads électroniques. Le son de 2 batteurs bien complémentaires, ça donne un surcroît de pêche non négligeable au groupe en live.

Actually, it was a great show, with good musician’s. I particularly enjoyed the 2 drummers, who were alternately doing some drums and electronic pads. The sound of 2 drummers rather complementary gives a huge energy to the show.

Voici un petit extrait issu de mon instagram:

here is an extract of the show pin my instagram :

et si vous voulez vous faire une idée de ce que ça donne sur 2 morceaux, voici un autre lien:

and this is another link with 2 songs :

See you guys

La rue de la fascination

Hi there!

it’s been a long time since I’ve posted in Godzika. Tonight, I can not sleep, so as always in these kind of moments I’m listening to music. Yesterday I fall back on this great band The Cure . I’ve always been a huge fan of them, since I was a teenager, a long time ago nevertheless. Well, I was asking myself what to listen to and it seems obvious that I should listen to Robert Smith. One of the band album I’ve most listened is Disintegration . So I put my headphones on, put the volume higher to hide all the noisy sounds around me, and let the journey begin. What an album, what songs, what voice …


Hope you will enjoy as much as I do!

So just pull on your hair
Just pull on your pout
And let's move to the beat
Like we know that it's over

Happy 25th to …

… not me unfortunately!

But To the first album of rage against the machine. One of the best opus ever done. To celebrate, enjoy this live performance from 1993 😎

Prenez la nuit! Â©


Ce midi, c’est police au menu. Mais pas n’importe quel police, The Police, Le groupe des années 80, que tout le monde se doit de connaitre… Je vous mets ici un petit live de 79 avec une super combi de Sting, un joli sweat/jogging du gratteux, et le magnifique tee shirt Mickey de Stewart Copeland! Ceci étant dit, fringues mis à part, ils envoient du lourd les anglais.

For this lunchtime, it’s police on the menu. But not the calssical police, The Police, The band from the 80s, whose everyone must known. I put in the followaing post a live from 79 with a great suit from Sting, a nice sweat/Jogging from the guitarist, and a magnifique Mickey Mouse’s tee shirt from Stewart Copeland!  Well, Besides the clothes, they were doing the job seriously the british guys.



Enjoy Folks!