Anno nuevo

Yo bros’

It seems the start line is changing for 2019. Hope you guys are all in a good shape, and wish you all the best for this upcoming year. Everything in its right place, and everything possible.

To start 2019 or to end 2018, as you prefer obviously, I m sharing a pretty old video of alt-j. I’ve known the band a little bit, but I was only listening to some singles and remix. But to me, this title and album is one of the most important recently produced. The last work if alt-j is truly different. But still, all you got to do is to enjoy and tell me what you think of that video, which is a quite disappointing.

Comme as you are & See you soon,



Ps. If somebody wants to leave a comment, you’re welcome since I’m not sure anybody’s still reading this blog.


Play (ground)

Hi buddies

Just a small video tonight. It must be a while it has been leaked ( around 3 months according to YouTube), but I’ve just sawn it. Dave Grohl playing Play alone on drums. Wish I was as good as this guy, one of my favourite drummers with the amazing John Bonham. It lasts 23minutes but can easily be seen in some parts.

Enjoy folks,


…you used to do

Qotsa is back, et c’est pas mal du tout! peut être un peu plus 70s qu’auparavant mais tjs aussi original, avec ce son si caractéristique et ces structures rock n roll bien alambiquées. Josh Homme m’énerve un peu, plus ca va, mieux il chante cet enfoiré. J’en veux encore comme dirait Britney 🤔 mais je m’égare un peu là. Ne nous emballons pas on verra la suite. Bonne écoute les potals!

Qotsa is back and its not bad! Maybe a little bit more 70s like for the sound. But it’s still original, with this particular sound and those not so classic rock n roll songs. Josh Homme makes me angry, the more he’s singing the best it sounds that fucker. Gimme more as Britney ‘d say 🤔 but I’m losing myself there. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we’ll what’s going to follow. Have a nice listen buddies!