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Hello buddies,

How do you do today? Personally, quite well. I watched the dancing show of my daughter yesterday, which was amusing. Looking to girls (and one boy!) of 6-8 years old dancing on despacito and on a song of Bruno Mars was quite funny. Some of them were very good!

But it’s not the subject. It’s festival time this summer. I’m not gonna go to any this year (poor me) but fortunately there is a bit of them that are available on videos platforms. I saw some cool stuff on them. Liam Gallagher doing a song of Oasis while standing still as usual was good. And if you don’t know any song of the French band UltraVomit, I’m recommending you to watch the video here at Hellfest 2019. This French band is doing “funny metal”. Nevertheless they are incredibly really good musicians 😎

By the way, if you come to France and you want to see metal concerts I strongly encourage you to go to the Hellfest !

But it’s not the point. Recently, I used to watch what was happening at Glastonbury (so now you understand my title!). I saw really great things. Such as The Cure who are still one of my favorite band… I will talk about them in a future post. At last, I just found this live performance of the Foals. These guys are great. I love the voice of the singer, and really appreciate the energy they’re able to put on their songs. This energy is audible even on their records. Well in one word I like them. Make me know if you agree with me!


Anno nuevo

Yo bros’

It seems the start line is changing for 2019. Hope you guys are all in a good shape, and wish you all the best for this upcoming year. Everything in its right place, and everything possible.

To start 2019 or to end 2018, as you prefer obviously, I m sharing a pretty old video of alt-j. I’ve known the band a little bit, but I was only listening to some singles and remix. But to me, this title and album is one of the most important recently produced. The last work if alt-j is truly different. But still, all you got to do is to enjoy and tell me what you think of that video, which is a quite disappointing.

Comme as you are & See you soon,



Ps. If somebody wants to leave a comment, you’re welcome since I’m not sure anybody’s still reading this blog.

Happy 25th to …

… not me unfortunately!

But To the first album of rage against the machine. One of the best opus ever done. To celebrate, enjoy this live performance from 1993 😎


merci Jack L.

Ola todos!

Ce soir, c’est la fĂȘte de la musique! Vous savez c’est le soir oĂč on peut entendre de mauvais ou moins mauvais groupes reprendre vos titres prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©s. Des fois mĂȘme, les plus aventuriers reprendront leurs propres morceaux. Mais pour autant ce n’est pas sur que vous les reconnaissiez… Bref, pour la fĂȘte de la musique c’est vraiment la fĂȘte. Mais je suis nĂ©gatif, moi mĂȘme je l’ai faite cette fĂȘte de la musique, et c’est le pied en tant que musicien! On se retrouve Ă  jouer un peu n’importe oĂč. devant un bar comme devant un tabac, voir mĂȘme devant un kebab. Mais dans le dernier cas, vous aurez Ă  apporter vos propres biĂšres, parce que sinon vous risquez de tourner au sprite toute la nuit 🙂 Dans tous les cas, c’est une communion avec les gens. C’est le bordel. Y’en a partout. Si on n’a pas de sono, c’est Ă  celui dont le batteur tapera le plus, et Ă  ceux dont les amplis sont les plus puissants.

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new post : ne pas avaler

Aujourd’hui, j’ai envie de partager avec vous 2 clips de cet immense groupe qu’est Radiohead. Les 2 sont assez proches en terme de maniĂšre de filmer. Il faut dire que dans les 2 cas c’est le rĂ©alisateur Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, et surtout le trĂšs bon Punch drunk love) qui les a tournĂ©. On retrouve donc Jonny, Thom & une CR78 (boite Ă  rythme analogique des annĂ©es 80) dans un style assez Ă©purĂ©, version “in the country”. Ces 2 titres sont tout simplement envoĂ»tants. D’ailleurs les 2 morceaux sont issus du dernier opus de RadioheadA moon shaped pool – que je ne saurais trop vous conseiller. Pour chiller ou juste apprĂ©cier.

Promo japan

Today, i wanted to share with you 2 vidz of that huge band called Radiohead. The twos are quite near in their way of filming. Actually, in both case, it’s the director Paul Thomas Anderson (MAgnolia, and the very good Punch drunk love) who made tehm. We can find Jonny, Thom & a CR78 (an analog beatbox from the 80s) in quite refined style, version “in the country”. These 2 titles are captivating. By the way, the 2 titles come from the last Radiohead album – A moon shaped pool – that i strongly recommend to you. For chilling or just appreciate.