Just another manic Sunday…

Hello buddies,

How do you feel this morning? Knowing that some people here are reading this post from the other side of the Atlantic, the question could be : how do you feel? Simply. But nevertheless it’s Sunday here in France. I’m sitting on my sofa with my daughter watching Barbie on the beach movie, thinking what we’re gonna do today.

And, I thought about the Bangles. This old girl band from the eighties is one of my favourite girl band (if you exclude hole). Yes, it’s really dated. Yes, it really sounds from the eighties. But yes, it is still some great songs. My favourite must be “walk like an Egyptian”. But today I share with you manic Monday.

I do love this song, don’t ask why, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s just the voice of the singer, maybe it’s the melody, maybe… I don’t know.

Hope you will enjoy starting your Sunday listening to the Bangles before having a manic Monday 😊


Play (ground)

Hi buddies

Just a small video tonight. It must be a while it has been leaked ( around 3 months according to YouTube), but I’ve just sawn it. Dave Grohl playing Play alone on drums. Wish I was as good as this guy, one of my favourite drummers with the amazing John Bonham. It lasts 23minutes but can easily be seen in some parts.

Enjoy folks,


Vacances, j’oublie tout. Plus rien à faird du tout…

Et oui, godzika est officiellement off pendant Quelques semaines,  à moins d’une connection wifi ouverte en bretagne…
J’en profite ainsi que mon equipe de bras cassés,  j’ai nommé Ricky pour le bras gauche et guns pour le bras droit, pour vous souhaiter à tous un très bel été avec de nombreuses decouvertes musicales et plein de bonnes choses.

Merci a tous ceux qui passent régulièrement par ici. Dailleurs noubliez pas de liker la page facebook, et de nous laisser des commentaires (ca fait toujours plaisir!)

Kiss kiss bang bang les amis