Godzika about page

Godzika makes the music like chicken tikka.

nice slogan nope?



Well, after a while leaving this be, i’m updating this page to tell more about us, which is actually the aim of this page!

Godzika is a team of 3 buddies that likes music, and likes to write some critics about it. These 3 people are godzika (myself), snugyo or Guns, Ricky or aymericbraconnier. Initially, we had an old website on web 0.01 format in the late 90’s. Then we decided to move to a newer format. It takes decades before we found the right solution, especially cause we are lazy and quite occupied with our own lives…

Since April 2012, i’ve tried to restart the monster, which was not so very difficult using a good old blog format such as a wordpress site. until now, my colleagues are not really present, and are doing some posts (twice a year i will say…). As a result i am the one who tryes to put some life in tis site, but i’m not giving up hoping my 3 oyster buddies will react one day and will post back more stuff. As we say in french “hope makes you live” 🙂


Nevertheless, be always welcome here, don’t hesitate to comment our posts and pages, we are quite open minded (except snugyo…) and are always happy to receive any feedbacks on our works!

By the way, you can follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/godzikaMusic

See ya folks




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