Killer bee’s

Just a quick video from the Wu Tang today. I’ve been listening to lots of hip-hop these days, and the Wu Tang Clan still represents the good old time of 90s 00s rap.

Hope you liked this movie (it’s surely more a short movie than a traditional music video)

See ya modafuckaz


Take The shower Back

Hi fellas,

My title is awful, I know it, sorry about that. Well, besides this title, this morning I wanted to talk about Rage against the machine. I’ve shared with you guys the live performance of “take the power back” which is a quite good example of the energy that got the band.

Back in 1993, I was 18 years old. I was listening to a lot of guns n roses, red hot Chili Peppers, led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and telephone (a famous French band). When I first heard RATM, I was thinking “ok, that’s some speed red hot with rap on it”. Yes, but then I listened to the full epic jewel album. It’s astonished me. No sample in this record everything was done using Tom Morello way of guitar playing. Further, the lyrics, as a French guy, I don’t understand every words Zack de la Roca is saying. But the global meaning, I got it. So back to the Future, now, I’m still listening to it, finding back back my feeling when I was listening to it first. It’s given me energy for the entire day 😉

Hope you like it



Anno nuevo

Yo bros’

It seems the start line is changing for 2019. Hope you guys are all in a good shape, and wish you all the best for this upcoming year. Everything in its right place, and everything possible.

To start 2019 or to end 2018, as you prefer obviously, I m sharing a pretty old video of alt-j. I’ve known the band a little bit, but I was only listening to some singles and remix. But to me, this title and album is one of the most important recently produced. The last work if alt-j is truly different. But still, all you got to do is to enjoy and tell me what you think of that video, which is a quite disappointing.

Comme as you are & See you soon,



Ps. If somebody wants to leave a comment, you’re welcome since I’m not sure anybody’s still reading this blog.

Play (ground)

Hi buddies

Just a small video tonight. It must be a while it has been leaked ( around 3 months according to YouTube), but I’ve just sawn it. Dave Grohl playing Play alone on drums. Wish I was as good as this guy, one of my favourite drummers with the amazing John Bonham. It lasts 23minutes but can easily be seen in some parts.

Enjoy folks,


Sell o’

Hi buddies!

Hope you guys getting fine on this Saturday night?

Tonight I was browsing the web, looking for some cool stuff, and after seeing some great videos of Blanche Gardin (if you’re French I strongly recommend you to see this actress on a stand up show, she really is amazing!) I lately fell on a YouTube videos about 2cellos. I first was astonished by what I found. Those 2 guys are good and have a great sense of humour as far as I can see.

To show you what I’m talking about this a first cover of highway to hell with Steve Vai.

Crossing guitars and cello’s van be cool, but when you’re playing with Steve Vai it’s even cooler.

Another good video of a cover of Coldplay is

Well that was just to share with you 2, my readers 😉

Have a great day’s night.

Rendez nous la lumière, Dominique

Ola companeros !

Ce dimanche, on va se faire une retro/concert. Le 16 mai dernier, avec ma petite femme, nous sommes allés voir le grand Dominique A en concert. Si je compte bien, ça doit être la 3e fois pour moi. Cest toujours un plaisir.

This sunday, we’re gonna go for a retro/ gig. On the may 16th, we’ve seen Dominique A live. it’s been the 3rd time for me. it’s always a great moment.

Pour sa tournée actuelle, Dominique A a opté pour une formule électrique et plutôt pêchue. Avec la sortie d’un album du même acabit. Ce avant un autre album et tournée plus intimiste, où il devrait être en acoustique (seul?).

For this actual tour, the French singer/composer chose an electric and punchy formula. With the current plus in the same mood. this is notable because it Will be followed by an acoustic tour (maybe on his own!)

Le moins que l’on puisse dire pour ce concert, c’est que comme lors de la précédente tournée, en plus d’être électrique, le son est fort. Mais vraiment fort, puissant. Vu qu’on était à la belle électrique, et que les ingénieurs du son sont bons (c’est devenu suffisament rare dans les salles françaises que je me permets de le noter!) Ce n’était pas dérangeant. Le public était bien présent même si on avait de la place dans la fosse. Ce qui est étonnant de prime abord, lorsque l’on connaît la musique du personnage c’est qu’il est plutôt à l’aise et blagueur ! Ceci ajouté qu’avec l’énergie du groupe, le public bougeait bien, nous aussi de fait.

the less we can say is as his lasts gigs furthermore being a very electrical show, the sound was very loud. But truely really loud. As we were at la belle électrique the sound was good. What was surprising too when you know the songs of this guy, is that he was such happy and making jokes ! This added with the band energy, the crowd was moving well, and so do us.

En résumé, c’était un bon concert, avec de bon zicos. J’ai particulièrement aimé les 2 batteurs, qui alternent entre leurs batteries et un set de pads électroniques. Le son de 2 batteurs bien complémentaires, ça donne un surcroît de pêche non négligeable au groupe en live.

Actually, it was a great show, with good musician’s. I particularly enjoyed the 2 drummers, who were alternately doing some drums and electronic pads. The sound of 2 drummers rather complementary gives a huge energy to the show.

Voici un petit extrait issu de mon instagram:

here is an extract of the show pin my instagram :

et si vous voulez vous faire une idée de ce que ça donne sur 2 morceaux, voici un autre lien:

and this is another link with 2 songs :

See you guys