Just another manic Sunday…

Hello buddies,

How do you feel this morning? Knowing that some people here are reading this post from the other side of the Atlantic, the question could be : how do you feel? Simply. But nevertheless it’s Sunday here in France. I’m sitting on my sofa with my daughter watching Barbie on the beach movie, thinking what we’re gonna do today.

And, I thought about the Bangles. This old girl band from the eighties is one of my favourite girl band (if you exclude hole). Yes, it’s really dated. Yes, it really sounds from the eighties. But yes, it is still some great songs. My favourite must be “walk like an Egyptian”. But today I share with you manic Monday.

I do love this song, don’t ask why, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s just the voice of the singer, maybe it’s the melody, maybe… I don’t know.

Hope you will enjoy starting your Sunday listening to the Bangles before having a manic Monday 😊


Play (ground)

Hi buddies

Just a small video tonight. It must be a while it has been leaked ( around 3 months according to YouTube), but I’ve just sawn it. Dave Grohl playing Play alone on drums. Wish I was as good as this guy, one of my favourite drummers with the amazing John Bonham. It lasts 23minutes but can easily be seen in some parts.

Enjoy folks,


La rue de la fascination

Hi there!

it’s been a long time since I’ve posted in Godzika. Tonight, I can not sleep, so as always in these kind of moments I’m listening to music. Yesterday I fall back on this great band The Cure . I’ve always been a huge fan of them, since I was a teenager, a long time ago nevertheless. Well, I was asking myself what to listen to and it seems obvious that I should listen to Robert Smith. One of the band album I’ve most listened is Disintegration . So I put my headphones on, put the volume higher to hide all the noisy sounds around me, and let the journey begin. What an album, what songs, what voice …


Hope you will enjoy as much as I do!

So just pull on your hair
Just pull on your pout
And let's move to the beat
Like we know that it's over

Christmas poll

Hello everybody,

And happy christmas to all of you that come to read this blog. This include my father and cousins 😉

So today i wanted to continue to play with some polls action available here at wordpress. There was a question i asked myself a few days ago. What kind of music are you listening when its christmas time? Are you feelin a old soul and like to ear some old song? Are you feelin like a kid and enjoy listening to old good disney song? or on the contrary, do you wanna kill every body who are anjoying christmas songs?

Well, this is a poll for you:


merci Jack L.

Ola todos!

Ce soir, c’est la fête de la musique! Vous savez c’est le soir où on peut entendre de mauvais ou moins mauvais groupes reprendre vos titres préférés. Des fois même, les plus aventuriers reprendront leurs propres morceaux. Mais pour autant ce n’est pas sur que vous les reconnaissiez… Bref, pour la fête de la musique c’est vraiment la fête. Mais je suis négatif, moi même je l’ai faite cette fête de la musique, et c’est le pied en tant que musicien! On se retrouve à jouer un peu n’importe où. devant un bar comme devant un tabac, voir même devant un kebab. Mais dans le dernier cas, vous aurez à apporter vos propres bières, parce que sinon vous risquez de tourner au sprite toute la nuit 🙂 Dans tous les cas, c’est une communion avec les gens. C’est le bordel. Y’en a partout. Si on n’a pas de sono, c’est à celui dont le batteur tapera le plus, et à ceux dont les amplis sont les plus puissants.

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